Unveiling The Dark Side Of Singapore Auto Dealing

Watch Out For This Car Dealer From ES

Recently I received an interesting info from a source.

This particular dealer is quite renowned for his treatment towards his customers – overcharging like nobody’s business. The best part is, on top of his commission, he could pocket as much as 5-15k for himself (w/o any form of authorization from/for his co.).

Interestingly, you would expect him to be a genius for being able to survive unscathed for so long. Be very surprised, because he’s far from that.

A few weeks back he received an official complain from a Civic owner who sent his car for repairs and was overcharged for up to 5k. And the awesome part was that it was an OLDER MODEL of Civic. The case was subsequently handed to the police.

For the benefits of you guys and to avoid any legal issues, this guy would hail from a certain ES Singapore Auto.

His HP no. would end with ****0100

Please do your homework before doing your purchase.